What does your company bring? What’s the benefit?

Our team works with high quality traffic and can push your brand upwards. We can supply all GEO worldwide with traffic. Whether website push, Instagram or email. We have a huge selection of different products. Thanks to many years of experience (2009) in this branch, our team knows exactly what your brand needs in order to increase its ranking and awareness.

Does it matter which license / validity my website has to buy advertising from you?

No. It doesn’t matter which license / validity your website has. We can generate traffic for all types of websites.

With which traffic providers does your company work?

Google Ads , Facebook Ads , Instagram Ads , Taboola Ads, Pinterest Ads, TikTok Ads.

What are your most successful GEOs at the moment?

Germany, Austria, Italy, Finland, Czech Republic, UK, Hungary, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Norway, Poland, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, USA

ADULT: Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, France, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Italy, Malta, Bulgaria, Romania, North Macedonia, Russia, Japan, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Canada

ONLINE SHOP: Completely Europe and Asia.

STREAMING AND AND OTHER INDUSTRIES: Germany, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, UK, Russia, Japan, Hungary, Ukraine, Norway, Poland, , France, Denmark, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, USA

How can I determine which package is best for me?

Here you can do a free data analysis: www.masstaff.com/free-analysis
This enables our team to carry out a data analysis of your brand and find the best package. The analysis also calculates how many new customers can come.

Do you receive additional commissions when you buy a package?

As a marketing company, it is up to the partner whether we get an additional deal. As a rule, it is always an RS deal. Our work and time is already included in our packages. Everything was calculated fairly.

Do you have the option of a partial payment / deposit / installment payment?

Yes, this is possible with some packages. Talk to our support team about this.

Do you cover the costs of packages?

We are a pure marketing business that provides high quality traffic packages. Which you can buy to promote your brand. We are not a simple affiliate partner who offers traffic or does free advertising without a contract or collateral. We do not assume any costs for traffic packages. Our company has fixed conditions and guidelines. These are fair and transparent.

Example at casino partners : Package costs 1230 EUR

Partner pays the amount of 1230 EUR. We get a 30% RS deal. In the first month we make a profit of 1600 EUR from the RS deal. The partner deducts his costs from 1230EUR and we get the rest of 370EUR. Plus all profits from the RS deal for the following months.

Is there a guarantee with the packages?

Yes! Discuss the exact details with our support team.

Can you provide current statistics and data from customers?

That is possible. Ask our support team about this. They will then send you the statistics you want.

Can you name current business partners?

Due to the data protection laws and the basic data protection regulation in our country, we are not allowed to name the names of partners / companies without their written permission.
We are also not allowed to publish them on the website.

We will usually reply to you within 24 hours.
We can be reached daily (Mon-Sun) between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. CET.

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