In order to protect ourselves and others, we have created a „FRAUD“ list together with some other Affiliates / Partners to list fraud or other illegal incidents.

This is how we protect Affiliates from upcoming fraud. As the scam rate on the net is getting higher and the scam companies are getting smarter to cheat decent affiliates out of their jobs and wages, this list was created

Our FRAUD LIST is visited by more than 5,000 active affiliates every week

The LIST is processed by an external team and is always kept up to date. New entries can only be requested via affiliates and after careful examination the entries will be included in the list

There are currently over 300 companies in the list!

● Online Shop company entries: 41
● Erotic/Adult Company entries: 39
● Forex/Broker Company entries: 78
● Gambling/Casinos Company entries: 134
● Other industries Company entries: 45

Are you also an Affiliate and want access to the „FRAUD LIST“?

Enter your email address here, after careful verification that you are a real Affiliate, you will be granted access to the list.

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Would you like to know whether you or Your Company has an entry? Then fill out the form and send it off. One of our employees will contact you within 48 hours!

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