Create your own Traffic Package according to your wishes and needs of your company. If you have any questions, please contact our Support Team ~Support~

After submitting your data, our Tech Team will create an individual package for you. The Tech Team will send you the relevant documents within 24 hours. You will also receive a data analysis. (Volume, new Customers, Traffic, etc.)

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Name all of your websites that should be used when purchasing the package.
You can order the exclusive VIP support once for each package. The VIP support costs a one-time fee of EUR 89.95 per package and is added to your chosen package.
The exclusive VIP advance access costs you a one-time only 249.95 EUR and applies to all packages. In addition, the advance access has a duration of 180 days, even if your main package has already ended.

  • *1 If it happens that you are not satisfied with the product you ordered, because there was less or no traffic. You now have the opportunity to make use of your guarantee. To do this, write us an email at the end of the term of the package: – The team will look at your issue as quickly as possible and very carefully. After an exam, the MTS team will contact you. Depending on the inspection and control, we will cover up to 100% of the costs for reactivating the package.
  • *2 All GEO allowed.
  • *3  Please note that you have to provide the email templates yourself. If MTS has to create an email template, a one-time surcharge of 99.00 EUR will be charged for creating an email template for your package.
  • *4 The request to extend the package must be submitted no later than 5 days before the end of the term. Otherwise the package has to be ordered again.

General terms and conditions

By submitting the order (Order page – ) , you enter into a binding sales contract with Massiv Traffic Solution Ltd. You undertake to pay the amount within 14 days of receiving your invoice. You will receive your invoice via Skype, email or both.
Otherwise, reminders and cancellations of the order can be made.
The traffic will only be delivered after receipt of full payment. An early activation of the traffic is not possible for security reasons. Part or installment payments are also possible. Please write to our service team. After receipt of payment, cancellation is no longer possible for technical reasons. A repayment is therefore also excluded.
Any kind of fees due to payments must always be borne 100% by the sender. Massiv Traffic Solution does not assume any fee. Massiv Traffic Solution reserves the right to block any campaign if the full amount including fees has not been paid. Please find out in advance whether you may incur fees as a result of payment transactions.
Every invoice you receive from us is always tax-free. Massive Traffic Solution Ltd. (Headquarters in Germany) is subject to the small business regulation. The small business regulation according to § 19 UStG (Germany) is a simplification regulation in sales tax law, which gives entrepreneurs with low sales a right to choose with regard to sales tax.
A campaign that has already started cannot be canceled and the money paid cannot be refunded. This takes effect as soon as Massive Traffic Solution Ltd. participates in the campaign with at least EUR 1.00. Massive Traffic Solution Ltd. reserves the right to bill the buyer for any subsequent fee incurred as a result of a transaction. Costs or fees that may arise as a result of an update / change in the current campaign by the advertising provider must be borne by the buyer of the package. This will reset the current campaign and restart it if the changes are too large. Extra fees and taxes may vary depending on the country and type of transaction. Massive Traffic Solution Ltd. calculates all possible fees and taxes through Germany and its tax law. Because the head office of the owner and all accounts of Massive Traffic Solution Ltd. is in Germany. Massive Traffic Solution Ltd. has a legal seat in Malta.

If there are problems with the payment or you have general questions about the payment, send us an email to Or contact us directly on Skype.

Last updated on October 1st, 2021