We create a highly professional Discord Server for your company with many Premium accesses and Special functions for more reach and fast Communication with your Customers

DISCORD Packages DISCORD Package NormalDISCORD Package Advanced IDISCORD Package Advanced IIDISCORD Package Advanced IIIDISCORD Package Advanced IV
Duration until the server is fully set up and active7-14 Days7-10 Days5-8 Days5 Days3 Days
Number of default categories for servers23458
Number of default channels for servers5681020
Number of admin channels2344 5
Number of servers BOTS12max. 4max. 4max. 6
Number of server control BOTS1111 2
Separate channel for support channel including support ticket function1223 4
Separate channel for statistics11 2 2 3
Auto mod functionsx
Blacklist for banned words and linksx
Number of commands provided for customers, for quick information2510 20 Unlimited
Automated role assignment for new customersx
Number of pre-programmed roles for customers, support and admins5810Unlimited Unlimited
Server Join / Server control channelxx
Premium access for Discord Bots, for special customer features and benefits– for a one-time surcharge of EUR 99.00
Extended premium access– for a one-time surcharge of EUR 199.00– for a one-time surcharge of EUR 99.00
Takeover of monthly maintenance work by MTSx
Takeover of weekly maintenance work by MTSxx
24 hour service for partners with help and work on the Discord server– for a one-time surcharge of EUR 99.00– for a one-time surcharge of EUR 99.00
Fixed price package
– Prices are always given in € –
DISCORD Package Normal


DISCORD Package Advanced I


DISCORD Package Advanced II


DISCORD Package Advanced III


DISCORD Package Advanced IV