Email Packages Package Small – Email MarketingPackage Normal – Email MarketingPackage Big – Email Marketing
Number of Brands 1 2 3
Tracking Link Quantity 1 2 3
GEO Quantity*2 max. 3 max. 5max. 8
Duration of the Ads campaign max. 14 Days max. 21 Daysmax. 28 Days
Quantity of E-Mail recipients max. 45K max. 80Kunlimited
Own Landingpage for E-Mail x
Own statistics access page x
Statistics update time x 1 x Weekly 1 x Weekly
Current ads info via Skype
Personal monitoring of the ads x
Extra guarantee for E-Mail*1 x
Adaptation of the Email Marketing campaign x
Fixed price package
– Prices are always given in € –
Package Small – Email Marketing

560,00 *5

Package Normal – Email Marketing

670,00 *5

Package Big – Email Marketing

740,00 *5

*1 If it happens that you are not satisfied with the product you ordered, because there was less or no traffic. You now have the opportunity to make use of your guarantee. To do this, write us an email at the end of the term of the package: – The team will look at your issue as quickly as possible and very carefully. After an exam, the MTS team will contact you. Depending on the inspection and control, we will cover up to 100% of the costs for reactivating the package.

*2 All GEO allowed.

*3 Only possible if you can provide an email template. Otherwise we have to charge a fee for creating an email template.

*4 The request to extend the package must be submitted no later than 5 days before the end of the term. Otherwise the package has to be ordered again.

*5 Please note that you have to provide the email templates yourself. If MTS has to create an email template, a one-time surcharge of 99.00 EUR will be charged for creating an email template for your package.